Poems by: Oğuz Tansel

Music Compositions by: Prof. Dr. Bruce Reiprich

Project and Realization by: Şefik Kahramankaptan

All rights reserved: The Copyright on these sound recordings is owned by YESA Ltd.They cannot be copied without written permissin.


Blue Gorge

Soprano: Feryal Türkoğlu, Piano: Fügen Serbest

Weeeping Willow

  • 4)The Men (click pls)
  • 5)Song of the prisoner (click pls)
  • 6)Weeping Willow (click pls)
  • Soprano: Feryal Türkoğlu, Ankara Opera Quintet
  • 28 November-10 December 2000. Recorded in the presidential Symphony Orchestra Hall, Ankara

Two Turkish Songs 

  • 7)May Rain (click pls)
  • 8)Poplar Tree (click pls)
  • Soprano: Feryal Türkoğlu, Flute: Ata Aytuğ Oral, Piano: Fügen Serbest
  • 9)Weeping Willow (click pls)
  • Soprano: Susan Kelly. Conductor Victor Liva. The Performing Arts Institute Chamber Orchestra
  • 10)In Pursuit of Happiness (click pls)
  • Conductor (Jerome Campbell. Wilkes University Wind Ensemble and Chorus